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love [Sunday, 080705]
[ mood | cheerful ]


so much.

gosh you don't even know.

it's amazing.

I want to be with him forever!!

I can't explain how I feel. can't put it into words.

ahhhh aokhfiuqyw48tuihbdfskjf

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you found me [Friday, 072205]
[ mood | bouncy ]

so today was awesome because jeff wasnt supposed to be back from indiana but all of a sudden he showed up at my work and i was like whatttttttt?!?! :D :D Then he took me home and we hung out for the rest of the night. So ya that was sweeeeet and unexpected. I am really excited for the kelly clarkson concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya there's a lotttt more to write but im lazy :)


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[Monday, 071805]
[ mood | horny!!! ]

I'm in the mooooooood. A lot lately more than usual.

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[Saturday, 070905]
[ mood | HAPPY ]

I just keep falling more in love with him.

It's amazing.

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blahhh [Saturday, 070905]
[ mood | good ]

stole this one from jesse

[10 Bands You Love]..
1. head automatica
2. zolof
3. american hi-fi
4. the beatles
5. chiodos
6. the natalie fight
7. hellogoodbye
8. dashboard
9. the postal service
10. taking back sunday

..[9 Things That You Love]..
1. hanging out
2. making out
3. being with jeff
4. being with friends
5. music
6. dancing
7. being weird
8. sleeping
9. talkinggg

..[8 Things You Wear Daily]..
1. bra
2. underwear
3. socks
4. shoes
5. shirt
6. pants
7. bracelet
8. makeup

..[7 Things That Annoy You]..
1. lots of people
2. school
3. clingy people
4. my mom and dad
5. bugs
7. how hair grows back so fast

..[6 Things Your Looking Forward To]..
1. the future!!! after i will be amazing.
2. getting a lisecense
3. getting a car
4. shopping in royal oak
5. changing my hair
6. getting a better jobbb

..[5 Things Your Scared Of]..
1. deep water
2. bugs, esp spiders
3. heights
4. tornadoes
5. things not working out perfect

..[4 Things That Are On Your Desk]..
1. cell phone
2. pictures
3. pens
4. pencil

..[3 Movies You Could Watch Over And Over Again]..
1. home movies!!!
2. the other sister
3. the hot chick...and mean girls

..[2 Of Your Favorite Songs At The Moment]..
1. "brooklyn is burning" - head automatica
2. "at the speed of a yellow bullet" - head automatica

..[1 Person That You Could Spend The Rest Of Your Life With]..
1. I think you all could guess who. I love him.

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I'd rather waste my time with him. [Thursday, 070705]
[ mood | blah ]

I hate dreams. They creep me out. I don't like it all. I wish there was no such thing.

I want to cedar point still. a lot.

I want to go to good concerts.

It doesn't seem like I'm doing that much this summer, or as much as I'd like to. But I don't know I'm still having fun. I get to see Jeff a lot, it's awesome.

It sucked that it rained on the 4th of July.

yeah. i don't know.


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